Studio  Policies



Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM

    2018 - 2019 STUDIO POLICIES

TUITION: Tuition is payable in advance. Statements will be mailed the last week of each month and payable by the 10th of the month. There is no charge for August lessons which are included in the normal school year of 36 weeks. I will follow the SAISD calendar for school holidays Thanksgiving week, Christmas vacation, and Spring Break.

REGISTRATION  FEE:  A non-refundable fee of $75 is charged each year. This includes the lending library fee, practice folders, Student Affiliate dues, theory books and materials, and ensemble music. Students pay this fee to reserve their time when they pre-register in the summer. This does not included the entry and testing fees that will be charged  throughout the year. These will appear on your monthly statement as needed.

MISSED LESSONS:  Private lessons missed due to ILLNESS will be rescheduled if I am notified in advance. Please do not ask for make-up lessons because for too much homework, insufficient practice, parties etc. You may change lessons with another student OCCASIONALLY if both parties agree and the length of the lesson is the same. You should make the necessary arrangements. Group lessons will not be made up. In the event I need to be away from the studio, lessons will be rescheduled. Lessons not made-up within the month they are missed will be given during the summer.

AT THE LESSON:  It is the responsibility of the student to have all music organized and together for the lesson. FINGERNAILS SHOULD BE TRIMMED before arriving. A weekly assignment folder is provided and should be at every lesson. Parents are encouraged to visit every few weeks if possible. Just sit quietly in the back of the studio; if you have any questions you may call later.   

AT YOUR HOME:  It is very important to have your piano tuned at least once a year (let me know if you need the name of a tuner). Also check the lighting in the area and the height of the piano bench. Providing a quite, relaxing environment for your child is so important to overall success.

METRONOMES:  A Metronome is required for students beginning their second year of instruction. It may be ordered through the studio or online. Please check with me before purchasing one.

REGARDING PRACTICE:  The way students prepare music results in the way they perform, so practice hints, ideas, and methods will be stressed throughout the year. Parents should sit with their children, especially grade-school age, several times weekly as they prepare their lessons. If possible, the time for practice should be the same each day - a special time agreed upon by the student and family. The weekly practice assignment sheets have been designed to help the student include all elements essential for a successful lesson. Encourage your child to follow the sheet and not "pick and choose" as they desire.

DROPPING OFF AND PICKING UP STUDENTS:  In order to keep traffic from becoming too congested, I ask that you let your children out BEFORE their lesson and pick them up AFTER their lesson using the Avenue L entrance . Please do not block the street. There is ample room for parking on the side, and several places near the back. 

LENDING LIBRARY:  Students may use music from the library unless they wish to purchase their own books.  IF YOU HAVE ANY LIBRARY BOOKS THAT ARE NOT IN USE, PLEASE RETURN THEM.  Several books are still among the missing and need to find their way back to the studio before the year begins. 

Please feel free to call if you have any questions or if you see a problem arising.  Many times a few encouraging words or a new piece or book are all that’s needed to get students through a discouraging  time.



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